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Annual Magnificent Rummage Sale Coming Soon!

Thank You!

Friends and supporters,

Thank you so much for your support this Holiday Season. Your donations are what make it possible for us to provide care for injured and orphaned wildlife in this beautiful and wildlife-rich region. The Redwood Coast is an awesome place to live and work and you are a big reason why. Thank you.

Your support goes directly to helping us meet our mission. We look forward to another year in service to Mother Earth's children (including YOU!)

And if you haven't contributed? It's never too late! Just click on the donate button above and the internet will do the rest!

Thanks again!

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Baby Season Comes To An End?

At this time of year our caseload of wild patients changes from orphaned babies to seabirds returning from their breeding grounds up north. This year though, for reasons we don't fully understand, we have baby raccoons and baby opossums still in care! Your contribution will directly toward the food and care for Autumn babies! Thank you for your support!



Annual Magnificent Rummage Sale
Coming Soon!

We're getting very excited by our annual Rummage Sale August 17 at the Umpqua Bank parking lot in Arcata. The rummage sale is a lot of fun and full of excellent bargains for returning students, and best of all all proceeds go directly to the care of Injured and orphaned wildlife on California's Redwood Coast. With many donations already made, we can tell you that this year's sale will be as awesome as ever! Also there is still time to donate to this excellent cause. Just call 822-8839 to make arrangements to meet! Thank you for you support and See you there!





14 April 2013

Godwit Days!

Humboldt Wildlife Care Center/Bird Ally X will be at Godwit Days April 19, 20, and 21. We'll have a table for information staffed by HWCC/BAX volunteers and the Education Team of awesome raptors and their humans will be on hand (or wrist!) on Friday the 19th from 5-7pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm! Come out and support Arcata's world-reknowned birding festival!



December 2012

Holiday Letter 2012

Download the 2012 Holiday Letter/Appeal (in Adobe Acrobat - .pdf - format) here .

9/29/12 and 9/30/12

HSU Biodiversity Conference

As part of the 2012 HSU Biodiversity Conference, the Education Team (Wildlife Ambassadors and their handlers) will be in the Quad at HSU. Hours are: Sat., 11-2 and Sun., 11-1. In case of rain, they will move inside - see HSU web site for more information.


Pet Fair

The Education Team (Animal Ambassadors and their handlers) will be at the Pet Fair (at the Farm Store, 3956 Jacobs Ave., Eureka) tomorrow (Sat., Sept  22) from 10:30 until 1. HWCC will have an informational table as well, and we'll have an 11 minute movie of Pelican Releases playing. Come see us! Happy Equinox.


Center Update

Two pelicans being released

The Wild Times event on Sunday was great fun. Thank you to everyone who came and especially thanks to all the volunteers who helped.

The Center is returning to normal. Over 200 Pelicans released - may they learn to fish!

Photo by L. Corsiglia




Event! Shindig! Get-Together! Join us!

Pelican flying through blue skyJoin us on Sunday at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, 921 Waterfront Drive in Eureka (next to the Adorni Center) for our first annual donor and community appreciation event. Take a cruise on Humboldt Bay with a wildlife rehabilitator and a naturalist. Talk with HWCC and Bird Ally X volunteers. See wildlife release videos and live educational birds. Children's activities and hors d'oeuvres by Brett Shuler Fine Catering. Madaket cruises are $15 - reservations suggested. More details here.


Pelicans Returning to the Wild

On Friday, the last pelican was washed. Pelican flying out of cageAbout 30 birds remain in the aviary waiting release. This "event" has lasted nearly 60 days now. The Center is slowly returning to its normal state, but advocacy efforts will be focused through the next months on preventing a repetition in 2013. A huge thank-you to everyone who helped us through this. Your work was essential!


Pelican Update

Pelican being washedWith lots and lots of volunteer help, we are gaining on this, finally. There are about 40 Pelicans remaining to be washed, a total of 98 still in care, and nearly 100 already released. Thank you! to everyone who has helped.

Volunteers are still needed – preferred shifts are 8-1, 12-5 or 4-8, any day – but we can work with your schedule. And we still need donations!



Pelican Crisis Continues

The HWCC and Bird Ally X continue to care for all these pelicans at our Center in Bayside.  The largest expense is, by far,  food to feed them all!  The fish bill is about $500-$600 everyday!  Your donation will help feed all these pelicans until they are ready to be released.  We have received about 190 pelicans at the Center so far.  Donate Now Please!



Pelicans continue to come to the Center for care because of fish waste contamination.  Currently we have over 180 pelicans in care.  HWCC and Bird Ally X staff and volunteers are working many hard hours everyday to care for all these pelicans.

What people can do to help:


Currently these birds are eating over 450 pounds of fish each day! thatʼs a lot of clams! about 500 of them! Other expenses, such as medical supplies, temporary housing, conditioning pools, water, electricity all cost money!

Donations are tax deductible.

Make checks out to:

HWCC, P.O. Box 4141, Arcata, Ca,  95518


Click here to donate on line!


Many hands make light work! call 825-0801 to learn more!
Construction, cleaning enclosures, feeding - We Need You!

We could use:

Volunteers need food too! Healthy Snacks and rehydrating drinks will be greatly appreciated!
Construction materials of almost any kind- call 825-0801 to learn about current needs.

See the Times Standard story here.

Download informational poster and donation information.


More fish wast contaminated birds have been rescued from Trinidad, Crescent City, and the Humboldt Bay area bringing the numbers to just over 70 pelicans in care.  There were approximately 40 contaminated birds seen around the Crescent City harbor.  Contaminated pelicans are continuing to arrive everyday as teams of volunteers continue rescue efforts.  Several pelicans also have large Salmon and Rockfish carcasses lodged deep in their pouches (see photo to right). Used to eating small fish such as anchovies, the pelicans can't swallow the large carcasses and will eventually starve to death.

HWCC is spending $1,000/week just to feed the pelicans we have now.  With more pelicans coming in, this cost will go up!  Last year over $10,000 was spent to rescue and wash 50 contaminated pelicans.  It is looking like there will be double that number this year. Please donate today and help us save these magnificant birds.

Pelicans in Peril on Northcoast


Once again Brown Pelicans are being threatened on the north coast.  Many dead pelicans have been found on area beaches and up to 30 fish oil contaminated birds have been spotted in the Trinidad area.  Sick birds have also been spotted in Crescent City and around Humboldt Bay.  It appears that the birds are once again getting into fish waste bins or are being fed fish scraps. The fish oil disrupts the feathers ability to maintain a waterproof barrier, allowing the pelicans to become wet and vulnerable to the cold. Once the birds are wet they can become hypothermic and are unable to dive into the cold ocean for fish. They eventually die of hypothermia and starvation.

Please help us by reporting injured and wet looking birds.  Never feed wildlife.  Keep fish waste secured.  Spread the word and donate to help us protect these magnificent birds.