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the care and treatment of injured wildlife.

About Us

The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center, established in 1979, is a non-profit, permitted, volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, treatment, and rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife in Humboldt, Trinity, and Del Norte Counties. Our ultimate goal is to release strong and healthy animals back into their native habitat. HWCC provides care for most native species of birds and small mammals, including protected and endangered wildlife. Animals that cannot be treated by our organization are transported to other licensed rehabilitation centers.

HWCC Board of Directors
Linda Parkinson  ~  Acting President
Lisa Kennedy  ~  Treasurer
Lucinda Adamson  ~  Secretary
Denise Zepp
Lisken Rossi
Trever Parker

Bird Ally X ~ Executive Directors

Gretchen O'Brien  ~  Office Manager

Patient of the Month 
Please see HWCC's Wildlife Patient of the Month for information about recent animal rescues and how you might help.