Help Save a

Wild Animal

All donations go directly to support
the care and treatment of injured wildlife.

Found an animal in need?

Call our hotline - 707-822-8839


If you find a wild creature that you believe needs our help call us right away at 707-822-8839.  During business hours (9am - 7pm in summer, 9am-5pm the rest of the year) an experienced wildlife rescue & rehabilitator will be available to answer the phone or return your call shortly.  After normal business hours leave a message and we will call you back in the morning.

Injured animals who can be safely captured can be put in a box lined with a towel.  Keep the animal in a warm, dark, quiet place.  Avoid unnecesary contact with the animal as this will stress the animal and might cause further injury.  Stess can kill wild animals, especially when they are already weak from injury.  Use caution, as sick and injured animals will still try to protect themselves.  

Nesting rabbits and fawns are left for many hours while parents feed.  If they are warm and safe from pets and humans they likely do not need rescuing.  For information on baby mammals click here. Call our hotline at 707-822-8839 if you are unsure as to whether the animal needs assistance.

If you find an uninjured baby bird without feathers look for the nest and put it back.   If the bird has feathers it is likely learning to fly and the parents are nearby.  Watch from a distance, if no parents come to the baby within 20 minutes call our hotline at 707-822-8839.  Click here for more information.

HWCC is not equipped nor permitted to rehabilitate marine mammals including seals and sea lions. If you have found an injured or orphaned marine mammal please contact the North Coast Marine Mammal Center at 707-465-6265.