Help Save a

Wild Animal

All donations go directly to support
the care and treatment of injured wildlife.

Humboldt Wildlife Care Center Volunteers


At HWCC, trained volunteers with access to veterinary assistance treat a wide range of injuries, many of which have been directly or indirectly human caused. We treat animals hurt in collisions with vehicles, power lines, fences and windows. Others are caught in traps, fishing line, barbed wire or have been caught by pet cats or dogs.

Each year we treat nearly 1000 birds and mammals and receive over 4000 phone calls. Volunteers help with transportation for rescues and releases, animal care, public outreach and education, building projects, fund-raising, administrative tasks and more.

To volunteer at HWCC please fill out a volunteer application and send it to us at PO Box 4141 Arcata, CA 95518 or You will receive an email from our volunteer coordinator when we have received your application.