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Patient of the Month

HWCC's Wildlife Patient of the Month:

Western Screech Owl
July 2012

HWCC's Education Ambassador Screech Owl Chillido had a new job:  babysitting!  This Western Screech Owl chick was found on the ground near Fortuna by a hiker.  The parents could not be located so the chick stayed at HWCC with Chillido.  A few days later another chick was found in the same location.  Bird Ally X staff went back to the area at night and were able to locate the parents.  The two chicks were left in a secure spot near the parents and checked on them again at 5 am the next day.  We have been doing a lot of renesting this year and it has been quite successful.  Night vision goggles would have made this renesting much easier.  If you have a pair you'd like to donate call or email us.


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