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Windshield Owl Pale Ale

You can find WOPA in 22 oz bottles at many local markets and stores. And now available on tap at Siren's Song Tavern in Eureka!

Arcata Liquors
Fourth Street Market
Liquor Still
Murphy's Markets

North Coast Co-Op

Valley West Chevron
Hutchin's Grocery
Bloxham's Tiger Mart

Eureka Natural Foods
Murphy's Cutten
North Coast Co-Op
Three Corners Market
Pat's Market
Johns Myrtlewood Liquors
C & V Market
Handee Market
Stop & Shop
Siren's Song Tavern - On Tap!

Cask & Flask

Beverage Plus

New Harris General Store -       Garberville
Deerhorn Market - Phillipsville
Cook's Valley Patriot - Piercy
Y Liquors - Crescent City
Redway Liquors

Quincy Natural Foods - Quincy

Sold in 22 oz bottles


Can't find it at your favorite local market?


Ask them to carry Windshield Owl Pale Ale - even if you don't live on the North Coast.



Please Drink Responsibly